2021 Lincoln Corsair

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Lincoln Corsair 2021, elegance and safety in style

A Lincoln is a true sanctuary, in which only the road counts, and the Corsair is no exception. Refined in style and technology, the Corsair offers a dynamic and comfortable driving experience and an outstanding safety level. This is thanks in part to its many innovative features, worthy of this new-generation luxury car.

Its wide variety of options and multiple engines allow it to adapt to its owner's driving style even before it leaves the factory. Later this year, electric car enthusiasts will even be able to take advantage of a new plug-in hybrid version. Perfect for reducing your ecological footprint!

Co-Pilot360 and SYNC3, a comfortable combination

The Corsair 2021 is packed with electronic systems that will allow you to enjoy your journeys even more. Standard equipment includes the Co-Pilot 360 driver assistance system, which actively reduces the risk of accidents. With its collision sensor and Blind Spot Check, it reduces distractions so you can focus on what really matters.

As an option, the advanced version of this system, Co-Pilot 360 Plus, is available, offering even more practical benefits.

360-degree camera, Active Park Assist Plus, and even reverse brake assist will make every manoeuvre even more enjoyable. This upgrade also adds adaptive cruise control with traffic jam management and speed sign recognition. No more stress on the road!

Even in the passenger seats, the Corsair offers an unforgettable experience thanks to its state- of-the-art SYNC 3 multimedia infotainment technology. With standard Apple Carplay and Android Auto integration, you'll be able to take full advantage of its capacitive touch screen LCD display. Why not install the Lincoln application that will allow you to unlock, lock and start your vehicle from your smartphone?

Smooth performance

Equipped as standard with a 2.0 L four-cylinder engine, its top-of-the-line version can develop over 295 horsepower with its powerful 2.3 L engine, available as an option. Married with its new 8-speed transmission and 4-wheel independent suspension, it lets us enjoy all the benefits of its power in complete comfort.

However, the little newcomer is the Grand Touring PHEV, whose hybrid capabilities could save you fuel while reducing your energy footprint. Enjoying all the usual Corsair advantages, such as a 2.5L engine block and all-wheel drive, it's also capable of covering 40km without using a single drop of fuel.

Modern from the body to the cabin

In addition to offering the best in terms of technology and powertrain, the Corsair also stands out for its sleek, sleek design that turns heads. From the outside, it's its impressively curvaceous silhouette that is the first thing you notice. As you approach, your Lincoln greets you with a play of light, displaying its logo on the ground and welcoming you with its LED lighting.

As you enter the cabin, you enter a world of luxury and comfort that is completely customizable. Its ambient lighting sets the tone while its Perfect Position seats, available as an option, hug the passengers' body for total relaxation. For more light, the optional Vista Panoramic Roof will give the cabin a feeling of space.

Although the smallest model in its range, the Corsair's storage space is impressive. This is partly due to its intelligent use of space, integrating versatile cargo areas under the floor and throughout the cabin.

Let Lincoln's elegance carry you away as you experience a Corsair.

Things to remember

  • 2.0 or 2.3 litre turbo engine
  • Plug-in hybrid version available
  • Push button transmission selector
  • 8-speed automatic transmission
  • All Wheel drive standard
  • Adaptive suspensions available
  • CoPilot360 standard
  • Sync System
  • Audio Revel offered
  • Assisted parking available
  • Personalized approach detection
  • Optional Perfect Position Seats

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