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Le fonctionnement des véhicules hybrides rechargeables

How Lincoln's plug-in hybrids work

Electric vehicles don't meet everyone's needs. For some people, a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) may be the right choice for optimal fuel efficiency without having to worry about range. Lincoln offers this technology in its latest models, providing the fuel economy of an environmentally friendly vehicle with the comfort and peace of mind of a long-range vehicle.

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Electric VS gasoline

Unlike 100% electric vehicles, plug-in vehicles have a small battery. At Lincoln, they range from 13.6 kWh to 14.4 kWh. This battery activates an electric motor when starting and until the battery is empty. Once the battery is completely empty, the gasoline engine takes over. However, the driver can choose to conserve electric power at the touch of a button to preserve it for future use. This could mean operating in hybrid mode on the highway and switching to electric mode only in the city.

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Simple operation

Lincoln Plug-In Hybrids combine the simplicity of operating a traditional vehicle with the fuel efficiency of an electric vehicle. Hybrids contain a gasoline engine, an electric motor, and a battery for the engine. Depending on energy needs, a hybrid vehicle switches from gasoline to electricity or a combination of the two. It does this continuously while driving, and everything is automatic without the driver having to intervene. Just plug the vehicle in, and you can get up to 68 kilometres of range without spending a drop of fuel.

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Fast charging

While 100% electric vehicles benefit from the use of a 240-volt level 2 terminal at home, plug-in hybrids can easily be recharged from a traditional household outlet. It will take about 10 hours to fully recharge without the use of the charging station. It will take less than 4 hours on a level 2 station. Importantly, Lincoln's plug-in vehicles are not compatible with the public grid's Level 3 fast charging stations. With plug-in hybrids, you get the best of both worlds. The electric range allows you to drive emission-free, while the gasoline engine guarantees you the distance without the hassle!

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